At the Endeavour teaching school we currently offer the salaried school direct route into teaching.

The salaried school direct program replaces the old graduate teacher program (gttr).
School Direct is an employment-based teacher training route which gives schools more control over what training is provided and how it is delivered. Schools recruit the trainees they want and the expectation is that the trainees will go on to teach in their school, or another school in their partnership, once qualified.

This year the Endeavour teaching school are offering primary salaried School Direct programme, aimed at graduates with three or more years’ career experience. We are leading a cluster of 6 primary schools, spread across London, Essex and Croydon. Each trainee on the programme will be employed as an unqualified teacher in one of the schools in the cluster.

The Salaried School direct program gives student more time ‘on the job’ than other routes into teaching. However, students will still receive high quality training from ourselves and our higher educational provider the Institute of Education. Successful completion of this programme leads to the award of Qualified Teacher Status (QTS).

When applying for a School Direct Programme at the Endeavour Teaching School alliance you will need to search for the Lead School which is Tidemill Acedemy. You can indicate preference for a school offering a placement within the alliance on your application.
Please go to click here for more details on how to apply.

Current Vacancies

Tidemill Academy
Robert Fitzroy Academy
Aerodrome Academy
Woodside Academy
Hillyfield Academy

Please apply through UCAS. Search for Tidemill and then select the school you would like to be considered for as your campus. If you do not mind being considered for either please select Tidemill as your main campus.



When I compare the experience I had in my first year as a Teach First participant to the experience that my peers had, I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have undertaken my initial teacher training at Tidemill. Working in such a positive, supportive and forward thinking environment has equipped me with the necessary skills, and more, to become a highly effective practitioner. The level of support I received at Tidemill as an unqualified teacher was second to none. Weekly collaborative planning sessions, fortnightly mentor meetings and weekly targeted CPD are just some of the ways in which I was helped. But it was the opportunity to observe outstanding teaching and work alongside outstanding teachers on a daily basis that was most invaluable. Being exposed to these high quality models of teaching gave me the structure and ideas with which to take forward into my own teaching. Tidemill though didn't just support in my first year of teaching; it continues to support me to the highest level six years on and it continues to provide me with challenging and stimulating opportunities to develop both myself and others professionally.

Ed Wickstead
Ed Wickstead


I undertook the Graduate Teacher Programme route which is very similar to the School Direct route of teacher training. This route allowed me to be fully immersed in all elements of being a teacher at all times. Being surrounded by such experienced and enthusiastic colleagues, who always put children at the forefront of all decisions, made a huge impact on my teaching. The opportunity to regularly observe outstanding teachers and the fact I spent most of my time in a classroom environment meant I could very quickly apply the new techniques I had learnt to improve my practice. The high quality weekly CPD also helped me to develop and refine my own teaching techniques. Being in a school and classroom environment for the whole year meant my NQT year felt like a very natural progression in which I have continued to develop with the help and support of some extremely inspiring children and colleagues.

Rachel Sell
Rachel Sell