Venue: The Wesley Hotel, Euston, London, NW1 2EZ

Programme Dates: 18th April 2018, 22nd May 2018, 21st June, 11th July 2018.

Times: 10.00am – 4.00pm

Cost: £740

The Endeavour Teaching School Alliance is excited to be part of the new Ambition National Professional Qualification Alliance, and will be delivering the NPQML Programme along with REAch2 Academy Trust.

The main focus of this programme is to ensure that all participants increase their confidence, capability and impact as a middle leader. The course will empower participants to proactively develop a strong network to support them in their first steps in leadership. Participants will be assessed through a written assignment to ensure that they have reached the qualification requirements plus a viva interview to assess them against the more challenging Ambition bar.

Content will cover all assessment requirements with six areas of focus being:

For more information regarding eligibility, click here.